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We have so much to celebrate in our Sisterhood of Black Excellence.

Black Women in Sacramento


The Sister Circle is a network for Black Women of Sacramento. We come together to engage positive dialogue, share our rich stories, build strong relationships, and create an open and safe space for us to become fulfilled leaders, mothers, allies, friends and women. Find us on Facebook, where we have over 8,000 engaged members.


Christi Ketchum, Founder of Sacramento Sister Circle

“Until we as women have a better understanding of our legacies, we cannot take Our Rightful Place.”

After many a tribulation, I found myself feeling lonely. My friends that I believed were ride or die, turned out to be ride and bounce. I reached out [to the Sister Circle FB network] and received an overwhelming response. It was overwhelming at first, and I only responded to a few. A couple years later I got brave, and tried again. Once again I was welcomed and found many other women seeking connection. I have made some wonderful REAL friends that I am enjoying getting to know.


I love how this is a #SafeSpace for black women to express themselves and engage in socially conscious #Wokeness. This venue exemplifies #BlackGirlMagic; there are thousands of sistah's from all walks of life, with all types of experiences, disciplines and stories. I love how I can post [on our FB group] about just about anything and there is a sistah will respond "I got you.".... The Sacramento Sister Circle is a game changer. As a black woman, it is EXTREMELY challenging to find a venue where you can be your true and authentic self. From the bottom of my heart I love each and every one of ya'll. I can truly see myself in every Sister Circle member! And that is why the Sister Circle is so #DOPE!




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