Our Six Pillars

The Sister Circle network activities and engagement is based upon six pillars.


Health & Wellness

We must care for ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually so we be our best selves and fulfill our chosen destinies.


Fun & Joy

We must collectively support fun activities that uplift, encourage, and strengthen us as women.



We must provide mentorship to younger women and girls. We are role models for self-esteem and empowerment.


Financial Independence

We seek financial independence and lives from bad debt through uncovering how financial systems work so we can make informed decisions about how to take control of our finances and grassroots fundraising.



Through reading, teaching, lecturing and cultural exchanges, we gain knowledge and lessons  of our Sheroes past, present & future. We actively dismantle the stereotypes and the negative portrayal of Black Women.


Political Engagement

We must be politically aware and engaged in local, regional & national politics. We are social change agents that advocate for the issues that affect our lives and our community.